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Welcome to KAMRANTECH Service & Maintenance

Commercial & Residential Air Conditioners Repair & Replacement Services


Don't let the heat get the best of you. When your air conditioner conks out, and If you are finding that your HVAC unit is not working or is not measuring up to its former potential, it is very likely that you need a repair, get fast, reliable service from Kamran Tech. 

You have a residential or a commercial air conditioning problem? Our skilled technicians are highly skilled in troubleshooting and repairs whether they be simple or extensive. 


We repair, service and install air conditioners 24/7. You can count on us whether it is day, night, a weekend or a holiday. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured to repair, install and tune up your central air conditioner. 

Some of the very best AC air conditioning systems for commercial or residential use we  install, available in U.A.E., they are quiet, long lasting and require minimal service and repair to keep them running their best. 

Selecting the right air conditioning AC is a big decision. According to the independent Toronto HVAC specialist, the right AC air conditioning for your home or business will play a major role in your indoor comfort and your energy expenses for years to come. Air conditioners and can save you money in energy bills as well as the many headaches that come from servicing broken down equipment like the compressor, evaporator coil, condenser, blower motor, or heat exchanges

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Industrial/Commercial Packaged Water Chiller Units – Water Chiller Sales, Repair & Service

Kamran Tech.  Leading the delivery of integrated solutions for water chiller cooling systems. Experience, responsiveness and ultimate satisfaction – you get it all when you choose Kamran Tech for your industrial refrigeration needs and chiller maintenance.
If you need expert advice on chiller services or supply of a new air cooled water chiller, water cooled chiller, air conditioning chiller, roof top chiller unit, process cooling chiller, heat pump or some trusted home air purifier reviews – Our courteous, certified technicians value your time and strive to eliminate the downtime of your equipment. With a wide range of experience across many refrigeration and heat transfer applications.


Kamran Tech has the ability to maximize the performance of your refrigeration equipment to insure peak efficiency and economy

It is our mission to deliver sustainable value for your installations without compromising on quality; offering the latest technology for water chillers, heat pumps, and system components.

Kamran Tech.  Technicians are diverse in servicing many types of manufacture's equipment!

•    Trane Chillers                                                                            Slide1
•    Carrier Chillers
•    York Chillers
•    Temptek, Inc Chillers
•    ArcticChill Chillers
•    Edwards Engineering Chiller
•    Advantage Chiller
•    Koolant Koolers
•    Chiller Solutions
•    Berg Chilling Systems
•    Budzar Industries
•    Dunham-Bush Chillers
•    24/7 Emergency Service                                                    
•    Complete Maintenance Programs                                     
•    Equipment Modification & Upgrades